what this is about

This is about a kick in my own ass. I love writing and have been procrastinating for the past …  I don’t even want to count, as it would come out in colours anyway.

576597_10151684966422848_137433451_nSo I decided to be brave and expose the little writing I’ve done so far, kickstarting what should be an essential visible part of my life while I keep digging for forgotte
n or lost writing and try to create new again.

I’m Prune Aumiel, a French not-so-sweet broad, mother, career woman, dog owner, life explorer. I love, I lose, I ponder, I decide, I fail, I get back,  I survive, I battle, I surrender, I fear, I conquer, and I’ll keep kicking while learning to say yes to me.

Here are a few of my samples on living and breathing.

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